Midwest Freckles Brown

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Many moons ago, there was a FABULOUS Cutting Horse names Baldy Freckles. Baldy Freckles was the biggest, coolest, most valuable horse that just made a statement the moment you saw him. He ultimately won more NCHA Futurities, Shows and Championships than we can even remember. He was Legendary in every way. The morning this bull calf was born, my first thought was "he's got freckles" my second thought was what a great name Baldy Freckles had. It was later that day I called Baldy's Breeder and Trainer Harold Franklin to ask how that name came to be. I later sent him a picture of our light brown freckled up boy and after telling him how I expected him to darken Harold immediately suggested FRECKLES BROWN, so in remembrance of the most impressive horse I've ever had the pleasure of knowing and his wonderful trainer we named him MIDWEST FRECKLES BROWN, because we believe our FRECKLES will one day be Legendary as well.
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Midwest Freckles Brown
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